Our Research

Archipelagos uses four vessels, that serve as mobile platforms for marine research and conservation work. They support our actions on the Greek seas and in the wider area of the eastern Mediterranean.


Archipelagos’ research vessel, Okeanos, is a 12m Bertram motorboat. It supports several Archipelagos projects, including the mapping of seagrass meadows and coralligene reefs through the use of an ROV structure scanner and sonar, as well as monitoring IUU fisheries and marine mammals. The boat is fully equipped with all navigation, safety and communication requirements (1 generator Onan 6.5 kWA, radar, GPS, plotter, structure scanner, autopilot).

Manufacturer: Bertram

Type: Motorboat

Overall Length: 12m

Engine: 2* Iveco 335 hp

Passenger Capacity: 12 persons

Sailing Boat

For marine mammal research, Archipelagos uses a dual-mast sailing boat, Nireas, 13.4m in length. Nireas provides steering outside and inside, supporting the team’s research needs even during the winter months. The boat is fully equipped with all safety and communication requirements.

Manufacturer: Jouet 1300, 1982

Type: Sailing boat (Κetch)

Overall Length: 13.4m

Engine: Perkins 50 hp

Passenger Capacity: 12 persons


Sailing Boat

For oceanographic research and marine conservation actions, Archipelagos provides a dual-mast sailing boat, Pinelopi, 16m in length and 5m wide. She is a traditional vessel, a copy of a famous sailing boat from 1811. Her structure is reinforced with 10mm steel so that she can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. The boat is fully equipped with all safety and communication requirements.

Builder: Perama, Athens 1979

Type: Traditional, steel dual-mast sailing boat

Overall Length: 16m

Engine: Ford Fumoko 140 hp

Passenger Capacity: 14 persons



The small speedboat, Okeanos II, is used to support various surveys of Archipelagos' research teams. It can quickly access sampling sites on islands and islets, as well as transport team members participating in different conservation actions.

Builder: 1998

Type: Speedboat

Overall Length: 6.80 m

Engine: 175 hp


Archipelagos also uses a small fleet of 8 kayaks to support coastal research. Kayaks are considered to be an ideal, eco-friendly meansof researching coastal habitats, while the great clarity of the Aegean waters (down to 40m down) makes it possible to survey extensive depths. The kayaks are flexible and leave zero carbon footprint, cause no environmental impact and do not produce any noise pollution.

One of the main applicationsof kayaks is monitoring and mapping the seagrass meadows, using a small structure scanner, an underwater camera and a bathoscope. During parallel surveys structure scanner readings can be shared via wi-fi on tablets on other kayaks. Kayak-based surveys also include sampling surface waters to study zooplankton and microplastics, monitoring seabirds and, with some luck, even marine mammals!